Hello Art Lovers and Friends!

Welcome to my Blog

My name is Randy Robinson. I am an artist. I wasn’t always an artist, but I always wanted to be. I spent most of my childhood drawing. Then most of my adult life making computers do what my clients wanted them to do. But I still wanted to be an artist so I did paint periodically.

I left the computer industry and started doing what I always wanted to do – create art.

I have an awesome, supportive wife, an amazing professional artist coach, and at this writing, my wife and I are rarely leaving the house because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

I love chiaroscuro painting (basically, the effect of light and shadow on objects) and that is my primary ‘style.’ You can see examples in my paintings below. My goal in my artworks is to show the beauty of the common things we take for granted and to expose the extraordinary which exists even in the most mundane objects.

I also paint animal portraits, including wildlife, dogs, cats, reptiles, cows, lions and more, with the same goal to show their beauty and the extraordinary personality of God’s creatures. Stare into their eye and see if you don’t feel their personality

Today I had my weekly meeting with my art coach and he said, “You still don’t have a blog!? Get to work on one!” So here I am.

I hope to share some of the process of creating art with all my collectors and valued friends who might be interested.

Bye for now.

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