’39 Chevy

A while back I offered pet portraits to my friends and followers on Facebook, and became very busy painting pets. One friend of mine said his “baby” was his ’39 Chevy, not a dog or a cat and could I paint that! I took it on as my first car painting and you can see the results.I found it a ton of fun to paint, but also a HUGE amount of detail and hard work getting it right. My favorite part to paint was the reflections in this amazing car with the perfect black paint job, which reflected everything around it.
The hardest part was, funny enough, the tire. The human eye can see symmetry extremely well and a circle or ellipse that is the tiniest fraction of a mm off, looks wrong. So a lot of care has to go into ellipses, which the tire contained 6 different ellipses and they all had to match.I have a video timelapse of this painting on my youtube channel in the link below. Check it out. I still have to record the commentary, but at least you can see how it was painted.



Till next time!

Randy, “RR”

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